What is a solar panel system

A solar panel system is simply the connection between solar panels and a end source.

When a solar panel absorbs sunlight it produces DC electricity, which is sent to an inverter to be converted into usable energy (AC electricity). Either this solar panel system is connected to a battery system, the grid, or another source such as a car or electrical device such as a calculator.

Now a solar panel system is used for one thing, and one thing only.

To produce energy!

How this energy is utilized will vary, but typically it is seen on top of homes or businesses, or on a open space in which it is used to allow properties to become self-sustained, or is used to generate cash flow for property owners.

Another type of solar panel system, is instead of generating electricity you can generate heat which is typically used to warm up homes, water, and other things.

Writer by Sachin Kaushal

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