What exactly is solar energy?

What exactly is solar energy & how is it created?

The sun is a big ball of energy that undergoes a chemical reaction known as‘nuclear fusion’ which is the process of having Hydrogen’s fuse together to then be converted into Helium. Because this conversion is so reaction, what ends up happening is large volumes of energy are released to the suns surface, and radiated outwards into space.

Now the solar energy that the sun releases is emitted in outer space and is composed of several wavelengths, one of which is the visible spectrum/light, and the other being infrared which is invisible to the naked eye.

How does solar energy directly impact our planet earth?

When solar energy is released from the sun it hits our planet earth, but because we are protected by the ozone layer only certain levels of sunlight make it’s way to the earths surface. Most of the sunlight is absorbed by our clouds, oceans, land masses while the rest are bounced back into outer space. How this is made useful to living systems is by allowing us to see, provide us with Vitamin D for bone development, and helps plants and some bacterial species grow as a source of energy.

How is solar energy responsible for the earths development?

The earth is in a orbit known as the “golden zone” where it is far enough to not be completely harmed by the sun’s solar energy, and it is close enough to not freeze from space’s cold temperature. Being in the ‘golden zone’ has allowed for the development of living systems to grow because it provided a habitable environment and the energy needed to grow.

How can we use solar energy to our benefits?

Scientists wanted to understand ‘if the sun provides us with so much energy, what if we could utilize more of it?’. Today solar technology is the leading source for renewable energy and helping replace unreliable and expensive methods of energy production that are supposedly warming out planet due to the release of pollution’s. Not only is solar technology providing us with a new way of generating energy, but is helping our economy, reducing our worlds carbon footprint, helping property owners pay less and a more safe form of energy.

Will solar energy ever run out?

Scientists are starting to realize that within a billion years the sun will no longer exist, and hopefully by that time we will have stored enough energy and created our own energy producer that can light up our planet just as bright!


Writer by Sachin Kaushal

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